Sep. 18, 2023

Conclusion of the First Sprint

At the beginning of the summer, members of the Social Coding Movement started Guild Alpha as a way to alleviate the lack of organization within the free-software and Fediverse communities. In addition, we sought to provide a platform to developers and enthusiasts everywhere to help contribute to the same platforms they love using. So, we started our first “sprint”: a 10-week run to find a project we like, decide on a feature or extension that needs to be added, and get it done.

Sep. 13, 2023

Announcing the Second Guild Alpha Sprint

We once again call for volunteer members in the Second Guild Alpha Sprint. We follow the same process as last time: A proposal phase for gathering project proposals. A vote between proposals among the members. A development phase to implement the project choosen by vote. If you want to take part in this, join us here. What’s Guild Alpha? Guild Alpha is an initiative of the Social Coding Movement. Every few months, we organize a sprint to gather people and organize our labour towards supporting free and open source software in a sustainable way.